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About Panacea

Our Roles — Active Investor, Trusted Partner, Strategic Advisor

These are just a few of the roles that Panacea Capital Advisors regularly undertakes with, for and on behalf of entrepreneurs and investors. In the investment context, under appropriate circumstances, we will serve as the sole source of capital, we will lead an early stage round or we will co-invest cooperatively along with other professional investors. In any such event, we frequently assist with fund raising activities by providing structuring and valuation expertise as well as by identifying, introducing and vetting at least a portion of the other professional investors in the capital structure. Separately, with respect to corporate governance, we almost always participate as a director and serve as a leader and active advisor with respect to governance, compliance and ethics matters.  In the corporate development context, leveraging our decades of relevant experience, we regularly assist with identifying, structuring and vetting the overall strategy and the execution of acquisitions, dispositions, and strategic alliances.  And, with respect to operational matters, we frequently provide insights and assistance with the development and reporting of KPIs and other relevant performance metrics as well as with initiatives focused on achieving operational efficiencies such as expense management. Finally, as an added intangible, we also frequently serve as a trusted mentor, counselor, coach and confidant for entrepreneurs and senior management.

Our Focus — Industry

Panacea Capital Advisors generally focuses on opportunities within the following industries and sectors:

  • Technology and Technology-Enabled Business Services, including Food Tech, Hospitality Tech, Ag Tech, Clean Tech, Ed Tech and Wearable Tech
  • Food and Foodservice, including Restaurants
  • Data, Content and Information Services
  • Ecommerce and Internet of Things
  • Logistics and Distribution Services, including Foodservice Supply Chain
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Energy and Energy Efficiency Services
  • Educational Services
  • Specialty Finance Services

Our Focus — Life Cycle

As an investor, Panacea Capital Advisors focuses primarily on earlier stage companies that have a commercially available product or service with actual paying customers and that are profitable or are on a growth trajectory that is reasonably expected to achieve monthly run-rate cash breakeven with the deployment of the capital then being raised.  Our investments are frequently the first institutional capital in the capital structure.  As an advisor or independent director, we often assist companies that are still in a pre-revenue or a beta stage of development, or at the other end of the spectrum, are considered to be late stage or middle market.

Our Focus — Capital Structure

Panacea Capital Advisors from time to time will invest in a common equity security or a founder’s security; however, we most often invest in a preferred equity security, a convertible debt instrument or a tranche of short-term, secured bridge or mezzanine debt.

Our Focus — Entrepreneurial Team

While Panacea Capital Advisors does not have an established recipe for an investable entrepreneur, in almost all instances, we invest in a team that collectively has a complete complement of necessary expertise and core competencies and that is composed of individuals who have demonstrated passion, creativity, flexibility, focus, persistence, discipline, decisiveness, an ability to operate collaboratively, and an unimpeachable commitment to integrity, ethics and governance.

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